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I’ve been in love with the sound of a Mellotron for as long as I can remember. I guess like everyone, i’d first heard it on The Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever, and since then I heard it pop up on songs by David Bowie, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones - all over!


But i’d never had the chance to play a real one until I moved to The Chairworks. 


I’d always used sample packs I found online, but the ones I’d tried never really felt the way I thought they needed to. They felt kind of white noisey and they didn’t capture the depth, warble and chaos of this instrument. The thing that makes the Mellotron so cool is that it’s kind of fucked up, some notes warp out after just a couple of seconds and some of them are slightly out of tune in a really charming way.


So I decided to capture my own samples from our studio’s Mellotron MkV1! I set the tone to sit perfectly in a production, not too hissy and bright, and captured the instrument using a Rupert Neve DI and API 512 preamp through Prism converters. 


This pack contains 6 sets of wavs, capturing the three Mellotron sounds - Strings, Flutes and Choir at the instrument’s two playback speeds - low and high. It includes EXS files for you to open the packs using Logic's 'Sampler' or 'EXS24' plugin.

The Mellotron Sample Pack - Wavs & Logic.

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