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Check out a sample here:

Every day when I walk into my studio, I pass through this incredible red brick two storey high entrance hall. Every day I think how cool it would be to make some drum samples in there! I finally got the chance, and they sound fantastic!

This sample pack has very quickly become my secret weapon for creating dramatic, spacious drum sounds that still feel natural in a mix. It contains TCI trigger files for the following:

- Low and fat snare
- Mid and ringy snare
- Mid and dampened snare
- High and ringy snare
- High and dampened snare
- Ludwig classic maple kick drum

Each of these multi-velocity samples comes with three different miking options. A close microphone, a mono room, and a stereo room. 

The mono room is fantastic for creating depth and drama in your drum production, while the stereo adds air and space. Blend the two to dial in exactly how huge you want your drum room to sound!

Hope you like them as much as I do!

* This pack only contains Slate Trigger TCI's. Please only purchase this if you already have a copy of Slate Trigger.*

The Hall - Kick & Snare Trigger Pack

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