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This booster pack is all about the extremes, two dead and splatty snares, and two open and ringy snares. I've been using these samples a ton on my records over the past few months, and i'm stoked for you to try them too!

As always, these samples are designed to be as flexible and natural as possible - processed only using an SSL G+ Console with the finest outboard during tracking, they come as individual multivelocity TCI's for snare top, bottom, overheads and various room configurations.

Check them out in the video tab, or go here to hear the samples with better quality audio. ​​​​​​

The samples come as Slate Trigger TCI's, please do not buy them if you do not own Slate Trigger.



The Chairworks Snares 1.5 -Snare Trigger Booster Pack!

  • All files come as Slate Trigger .TCI's. 

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