Come hang at the studio for a day to learn about every single aspect of my production process for drums, bass and guitars. 

We'll cover:

- Making the right drum choice for the song. 
- How to tune a drum kit to sound perfect in a recording. We'll spend a lot of time on different snare drum tunings, and i'll show you repeatable tuning and dampening principles that will work for you every time.

- Why and where to baffle drums to tune the room to the production. 

- Drum miking choices and positions. 
- Processing your drums with outboard EQ and compression they sound as finished as possible during tracking. 

- Coaching techniques to get the best results out of a drummer. 

- Bass tracking: strings, instrument choice, intonation, outboard compression choices and how each will differently impact the sound of a bass recording. 

- Defining the low end of a production during tracking. 

- Guitar tracking. 
- Guitar choice, the importance of choosing the right strings for your tuning, standard guitars vs Evertune guitar, setting up guitar intonation. 

- Choosing the right guitar amp and cab. 
- Miking and choosing the right preamp for a guitar part. 

- Distortion pedals vs amp distortion.

- How to quickly dial in the right guitar tone for the part.
- A whole ton of Q&A as we're going. 

- All of these will be repeatable principles, including a lot of visual information from frequency analysers - this means you can take this information to your studio and get the same results.

The session will run from 10am to roughly 6pm and the class size will be limited.

See you there!






Recording Class - 18 October - The Chairworks