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OCD Kemper Collection

I absolutely love the Kemper Profiling Amp, but when I was hunting the internet for profiles I couldn't find anything similar to my weirdo method of creating guitar tones. I'll almost always use various stages of pedal distortion while designing the guitar sounds for the records I work on instead of working with a tube amp's distortion. Sometimes using the classic approach of setting an overdrive to add mids to an already saturated distortion pedal, sometimes using that overdrive as a pure distortion signal into a less saturated second pedal, and quite often it's just to impart a pedal's unique character onto the overall guitar tone. I always find that I much prefer the results I get from this methodology than just cranking a Marshall.

This pack is all about the tonal interactions achieved between an overdrive pedal and a Fulltone OCD distortion. Each pedal combination is dialed in to it's sweet spot so you can just plug in and play!

The pack contains 40 profiled options, including 7 overdrives running through 2 versions of an OCD into a Marshall JCM800 head with two cabinet options (30 profiles overall), just an OCD through the amp & cabinet chains (6 profiles), and just the clean amp and cabinet chain for running your own pedals through (4 options).

The options are:
Overdrives - Ibanez Tubescreamer, Boss Blues Driver, Keeley Oxblood, Seymour Duncan 805, Horizon Devices Precision Drive, J. Rockett Archer, Mesa Throttle Box

Distortion - Fulltone OCD, Custom tweaked OCD Clone

Amplifier - Marshall JCM800

Cabs - Orange 4x12, Orange 2x12

I hope you like it!

OCD Kemper Collection

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